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World Energy Congress 2024 Rotterdam

For British Petroleum we produced a video & photoshoot at their booth on WEC2024.

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R+T 2024 Messe Stuttgart

It's been 6 years since the last R+T trade fair!
For our client Hunter Douglas we produced not only a comprehensive photo impression but also an interior drone shoot with our friend Marc, drone-pilot from the Baden-Württemberg region.

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Hunter Douglas was once again present at R+T with a beautiful and one of the largest booths!

Marc is preparing his Inspire-II and FPV drone for the indoor booth flight!

30 Baristas from EMEA region compete for the Starbucks Barista Champs 2023. Their final preparation takes place at the Starbucks Coffee Roastery in Amsterdam.
We did the Photography for UK's Snappin' Turtle!

We produced and edited a symposium registration for Open Health Group, at LUMC - Leiden University Medical Center -.

"Our experience with Wim on-site was fantastic, and we can't thank him enough for his invaluable support and service.
He truly went above and beyond to ensure the filming was a success!"

Laura Francis-Webb

Open Health Group | Senior Account Executive | Medical Communications

Summer 2023


Congratulations to the ACrew4U team in London on their 20 years of experience in the corporate film and television production business.
Thank you so much Bill, Sarah, Brian, Lara for your trust and for all those years of cooperation in realizing the most demanding projects! Thank you also for making Eurocasters International your preferred supplier in the Benelux and in other countries!

Below is a tribute: just some of the projects from the past few months that we helped produce for ACrew4U.


After helping Fruition with crew & equipment during a five-day event at Cologne Messe, we were asked to assist with cameras and crew at one of their next events in the beautiful ambience of MotorWorld in Munich: the registration of the Align Dach Summit 2023.

Munich MotorWorld - Align Technology Event

A Brief history of the Future 

Los Angeles, California-based production company Untold Studios has traveled the world to capture the stories of individuals whose actions can have a profound impact on our future. Coming from Morocco, they landed at Schiphol AMS where we accompanied them for three days for a shoot in the Netherlands. We got them started and helped with production.
The first target was Boyan Slat and his promising Ocean Cleanup project in Rotterdam.
We also visited Rutger Bregman in Utrecht. Think of the man who shouted "Taxes, Taxes, Taxes" at the World Economic Forum several years ago. He is the author of the bestseller 'Most people are good' (De meeste mensen deugen).
They continued their tour to Iceland.

The documentary is broadcast in the US (6 episodes) by public broadcaster PBS.

Amsterdam - Floating City - Documentary 'A Brief history of the Future' 
Local production assistance for USA /LA crew 

Rotterdam - Documentary ' A Brief history of the Future' 
Local production assistance for USA /LA crew.

As you see we had a lot of fun with the team from LA.

Jake from London based MediaZoo could use some help in Antwerp while shooting a docu about CCS - Carbon Capture and Storage Technology.

Antwerp - Harbour

Amsterdam - Heineken

We delivered a 6 people Dutch crew to assist the irresistable Studios UK team in Amsterdam filming an internal communications video-clip.

For Luxaflex® we're producing instruction video's about product automation intended for dealers and consumers in Europe. We already worked with Dutch, Belgian and English presenters. Next on schedule are the Scandinavian countries!

Luxaflex® Netherlands

Gamescom 2022

Video & Photography during Gamescom 2022 Cologne Messe, Germany.
Capturing everything at the Qualcomm Snapdragon booth: interviews, client testimonials, impressions, you name it...

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CERN Large Hadron Collider, Geneva

Atlas Detector | Still from 8K
We were provided the opportunity to create exclusive film recordings 80 meters underground in the huge detectors of the CERN particle accelerator in Geneva.
All of it captured in the highest possible quality in 8K RAW. Awesome!




RED Helium 8K

This is without any doubt one of our most advanced tools for film making when it comes to demanding projects!



Remote Shoots

The world has changed during Covid-19.

Remote Shooting’ can be a challenge.

When there’s no possibility to send a crew to a location you have to do some preparations.

First of all there has to be a proper internet connection on the remote location.

Then we can facilitate everything to realize a professional shoot.

We can make sure streams from the location will keep it’s highest quality while travelling over the internet!

As a remote producer we can help the interviewee with instructions about camera angle, framing the shot, looking for the best available light or

even better setup an extra light.

We tested software-only solutions over the internet but it doesn’t meet our quality standards.

There are several platforms that support high quality videostreams.

   It turned out that Microsofts Skype TX business solution is the way to go for us. It is also used by several broadcasters such as the BBC.

At our base there's a Portable Studio Setup - NewTek's Tricaster - which includes TX licences so this will allow us to receive videostreams from remote locations

with help of the worldwide Skype TX infrastructure.

When a physical venue or event is not possible we can setup a virtual event. Such an
event is not limited to one location. We can link several locations together. No need for

satelite dishes anymore. In fact we configure an online realtime studio with different inputs from all over the world.

Also we can generate a virtual studio presentation where we incorporate branding elements of any specific company!


 If publishing doesn't have to be live, all ISO streams can be recorded. This provides HQ streams useable in post production.


Dragon 6K

December 2019. We traded in our beloved RED Dragon camera to the new Dragon-X 6K S35 camera
It's great to shoot Prores or DNxHD at the same time as the RAW R3D format with in-camera IIPP2.



Journeys that matter!

Esso Europe launched an international campaign in several countries where people share their journey that matters.
In the Netherlands we did research,
created the concept and produced the Dutch story.



Dragon is binnengekomen!

Mei 2015, eindelijk is onze RED 'Dragon' upgrade gearriveerd vanuit USA.
Er is niets mooier dan filmen met de beste camera/sensor ter wereld, ha!

The Dragon sensor heeft een 101 score gehaald bij DXO Labs (dat is dus 1 punt boven hun eigen maximumschaal van 100)


The Future of Light, it's up to you!

Openings film voorr Smart Lighting Event Eindhoven 2014

Meer info: SmartLighting Eindhoven


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

It started innocently with a call from our agent in London: Hi Wim ... "Can you help us to support a film crew from the USA in Amsterdam?"
Only a few days later we formed a 'Dutch Crew' consisting of 20 members to assist cast & crew of 44 people from LA, California.
Our contracted fleet consisted of a number of 7 minivans for nine passengers each, 2 trucks for lighting equipment and 120 flightcases (!), and a VIP bus for the seven-member cast.
Four camera crews worked a full week continuously with 8 cameras!
We delivered alongside the Dutch production management and coordination office also detailed location scouting, field production and PAs and drivers to guide the Americans in the busy center of Amsterdam.
Unfortunately, we can only display photos when the reality show will be broadcast and that could take another half a year.
(foto: EvolutionMedia /website).

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is an international hit show and has over 2 million viewers every night.  In addition, we are on Bravo TV who is one of the top networks here in the United States averaging over 93 million viewers worldwide.

Ons motto: Nothing Beats The Real Thing

We realize digital cinema quality productions for the corporate world, which results in surprisingly filmic looks. Also the poetic representation of tones and colors we're able to achieve is invaluable. it just keeps getting better!

Screenshot Expeditie Venlo. Een inspiratiefilm voor gemeente Venlo.

Screenshot Fibre to the Home European Council

Eindhoven Brainport Region
Screenshot Brainport Eindhoven Region

Wildlife Cranendonck
Screenshot Wildlife in Cranendonck, Regio Eindhoven

Euroxonix' new Format

We like to point out that we collaborate closely with a native English editor/copywriter/interviewer who is specialised in technical and financial matters.
Together, we have recently launched a new testimonial-based format (named 'Euroxonix').


2012: Complete RAW 4K Workflow

RED Scarlet-X PL-Ti camera ordered in 2011!
Today, April 2012: Delivered!
We've been busy building our complete 4K production and post-production chain and invested in high quality Nikkor Glass.
Working in native 4K RAW quality is like a dream is coming true.


Multiscreen 4x HD for HunterDouglas

We shot original ultra high resolution footage for Hunter Douglas Europe. Edited in 4K. Displayed in 4 high-quality Portrait-mode HD streams.
4K divided in 4xHD

2011: The year of 4K.

We have been waiting desperately for the introduction of the second generation RED Camera's.
This year the countdown starts. Can't wait for our own 4K camera.
Using this latest generation camera brings shooting and production to cinema quality levels.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      images courtesy of Red Digital Cinema


DSMC Digital Stills Motion Capture

Innovative developments in high-end aquisition formats.
Future aquisition formats will deliver huge resolution at huge framerates. The good thing is, cinema quality can be achieved with digital aquisition and postproduction tools. 35mm film will no longer be the standard. On the other hand, we have to manage enormous amounts of data, so we are in need for both Terrabytes of storage and fast machines that are able to process all those data.

Being a production company, times are very exiting for us.
Now, we are preparing for this future. It is there, already in 2011.

What to expect from us?
Well, digital stills quality (let's say 24Mp) will develop to Full Frame 35mm Digital Cinema.
Imagine this quality on tomorrows Ultra High-Definition Flatscreens: it's like a large format stills reproduction coming to life!
What could this mean for your company?
Let us know!


First glimpse .. courtesy of Red Digital Cinema ©2009


Het Flevolandschap

View nature in all its beauty.
A story about wildlife and flora in a developing landscape.
Dynamic split screen presentation to emphasize the relationships between animals and their habitats.
Custom made music & soundscape production.

Start production: September 2011
Delivery: April 2012


Rijkswaterstaat, A1-A6 Schiphol-Amsterdam-Almere

The largest highway reconstruction in the Netherlands ever.
Construction period: 10 years
Maintenance contracts: 25 years
First step for us: show the route, the environment, the highlights, the challenges today.
What does this mean for contractors tomorrow?

Start production: March 2011
Delivery: May 2011


Rockwool Benelux. Sustainable Building

An imagefilm specifically produced for a circular projection in Rockwool's booth at Bouwbeurs 2011.
We're very proud being able to make this film. Stunning imagery combined with a custom-made soundtrack will definitely make a statement.
What other company can claim a yearly savings of CO2 emmissions by 100 million tonnes!
No greenwashing, just bare facts.
Of course there will be a usual 16:9 HD version too.

Start production: December 2010
Delivery: February 2011


VION Food Nederland B.V.

Secret operation. :)
Maybe you'll find something on wikilleaks next year..

Start production: October 2010
Delivery: October 2010


Accon-avm adviseurs & accountants

We produced a compilation containing all the Accon-avm highlights we captured during the last years.

Start production: December 2010
Delivery: December 2010


Van Lanschot Bankiers

Several testimonials: talking about the Van Lanschot Academie voor Bedrijfsoverdracht

Start production: October 2010
Delivery: November 2010


BLI testimonials

Océ Technologies.
4 testiminials including one with BLI's David Sweetnam, European Lab and Researsch Manager.
BLI recommends Océ VarioPrint 6320 Ultra. The world's fastest digital perfecting system at 320 ppm!

Start production: May 2010
Final delivery: September 2010



Bremanger Quarry, Norway

'The green quarry'. Time for a renewed film in HDCAM1080p quality.
It's always very inspiring, shooting in one of Europe's most beautiful scenery.
See a photographic impression of this region here.

Start production: August 2010
Delivery: February 2011



Present RoHS directive prevents efficient reuse.
This film for Océ will inform the European Parliament on more sustainable solutions for the reuse of components.

Start production: May 2010
Delivery: May 2010


Rockwool Benelux

New firesafety tests at the Warringtonfiregent testlaboratory (Belgium) are registrated in HD by several camera's.

Start production: December 2009
Delivery: March 2010


Van Lanschot Bankiers

- a case about 'Recapitalization'. (external communication)
- interviewsegments / employees (internal communication)

Start production: November 2009
Delivery: December 2009


Philips Lighting

At the Headquarters in Eindhoven, the 'Basics Lighting Show' needs a major  upgrade in High Definition Quality.

Start production: December 2009
Delivery: January 2010


Rockwool Benelux

A new production about firesafety is aimed at Dutch politicians.

Start production: October 2009
Delivery: November 2009



We produce a corporate fim in High Definition to support the introduction of a revolutionary product, helping the building industry.
There's also a unique 3D online visual instruction manual, produced by Thesus Talking Images.
The complete instruction will be available on the clients website. We also intend to encode for mobile usage!
Product launch: mid November

Start production: August 2009
Delivery: November 2009


Accon avm adviseurs en accountants

Several shootings at the clients offices around the country.
Aim is to gather spontaneous quotes from employees. We produce testimonials that fit into their newly launched website which focusses on HRM policy.
We also produce an introduction film for -amongst others- newly recruited personell.

Start production: June 2009
Final delivery: September 2009



Océ Technologies, it is all about speed!
For their 'Seneca' campaign we Produce 3 webvirals.
Compare speedskiing at 250 km/h with the sensational Océ VarioPrint 6320 Ultra. The world's fastest digital perfecting system at 320 ppm!

Start production: May 2009
Final delivery: August 2009



For Rockwool Benelux we captured firesafety tests in High Definition Quality.
The scientific based tests have been carried out by Warringtonfiregent in Belgium.
Premiere at Eurocam MediaCenter (Antwerp, Belgium) and at Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid, Hilversum.

Start production: November 2008
Delivery: June/July 2009


Sustainable Solutions

Printers have their own lifecycle.
In Océ's Remanufacturing plant, returned devices are dismantled an re-assembled to start a new life.

Start production: August 2008
Delivery:  October 2008

Hunter Douglas Europe R+T 2009 Frankfurter Messe

We are happy to help our client doing a 'last minute' HD-registration of the 1000+ m2 booth at R+T.

Start production: February 2009
Delivery: March 2009



Harvest in Ukraine

The Dutch Agrarian Company boosts agriculture in the northern part of Ukraine, close to the Russian border.
We filmed in the 1080HDCAM format.

Start production: August 2008
Delivery: April 2009


Océ PSI  Print Scene Investigation

'Evidence never lies!'
A burglar is trapped by surveillance cameras at OCE Headquarters 'First Glance Room' in Venlo.

Start production:  May 2008
Delivery: July 2008



The World of Hunter Douglas

The new Hunter Douglas Corporate production in 1080HDCAM format.

Start production: December 2007
Delivery: February 2009


Accon avm adviseurs en accountants

A young and dynamic company with a growing number of offices (50+) througout the Netherlands.
We were able to produce two films for this new client!

Start production: August 2007
Delivery: December 2008

Vebego Group

Zandbeek corporate communication asked us to do the corporate film for Vebego Group.

Start production: November 2007
Delivery: January 2008


Retailjaarprijs Gala Event 2007

Who may be called the best shops in the Netherlands'?
October 31, we know more, once the winners will be announced.
Meanwhile for the third year in succession we produce the nomination items.
This years presentation is again in the hands of Anita Witzier.
We produced a multi-camera video-registration of the Gala Night at Studio21 in Hilversum.
The DVD compilation is ready end of November.

Start production: October 2007
Delivery: November 2007

Blu-ray standard

Investments in High Definition Editing and in 'HD' DVD authoring.
The  Blu-ray Disc format will be supported.

November 2007


Océ Technologies

A Promotional DVD of the recent and promising industrial color printer 'Arizona 250GT'.
We did casting and shooting in Germany.

Start production: May 2007
Delivery: September 2007


Roermond City

The Municipality of Roermond and Casimir Vastgoed asked us to develop a communications and operational plan for the Ernst Casimir Passage which connects Designer Outlet Center and downtown Roermond.
We asked Tinker Imagineers and Faircom to partner in this project, thus creating maximal creative, commercial and marketing power.

Start: June 2007
Delivery: September 2008


Corporate production.
Design and production of first class products requires people with great expertise and dedication.
An impression of the different production processes.

Start production: March 2007
Delivery:  August 2008

Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen

Watch out! Since July 2006 we explore the dawn surprising thickets and sand dunes in this protected area.

Start production: July 2006
Delivery: February 2008

Fermacell Instruction

For the German Xella-Fermacell company we produced step-by-step installation instructions for the various gypsum products they make for the construction industry.
5 video-instructions come in 3 languages on DVD-video. The items are also encoded for internet and placed on the Fermacell website. Commissioned by Admix Connect.

Start production: Februari 2007
Delivery: July 2008


Opening National Swimming Stadium Tongelreep Eindhoven. April 27th, 2007

In the presence of State Secretary Bussemaker, in a spectacular show (including laser show and magic act of Sittah) the National Swimming Stadium Tongelreep was opened by the Olympic champion Pieter van den Hoogenband.
Commissioned by the city of Eindhoven we did a 3-camera recording and live direction, switching to the LED screen for 1,500 guests and swimming world VIP's.
We also took care of the field-editing. 2 hours after opening a summary was available for public in the evening and the next day!

Start production: April 2007
Delivery: April 2007



On the basis of testimonials from some authorities in the industry, Unidek and Isover draw possibilities of their new jointly developed product 'Optiroof. Commissioned by Trimedia / Admix ZZZ

Start production: March 2007
Delivery: April 2007


OVG Projectdevelopers

On the basis of some testimonials compiled in a videopresentation OVG presents their excellent qualities.
Nice, to hear - later this year-  that they have won the pitch!

Start production: March 2007
Delivery: April 2007


SCA Packaging Webbased Narrowcasting project

For SCA Packaging Gennep, we developed a custom made info-channel.
For example, accident, health and safety records for this location are automatically tracked.

Start production: February 2007
Delivery: June 2007

Wegwijs 2007

Our third one in succession. We recorded the highlights of this family fair 'Wegwijs2007' at Jaarbeurs Utrecht.
The review is distributed on DVD and via a streaming format on the internet.

Start production: February 2007
Delivery: April 2007

Bremanger Quarry, Norway

Corporate production and website.

Start production: November 2007
Delivery: April 2007

City Lounge Dordrecht

Again, one of our specialties are shed out: using 8 synchronized video screens to have the audience experience 'typical Dordt'!
Water, history, culture: Dordrecht is proud.

Start production: November 2007
Delivery: April 2007

Van Lanschot Bankiers

Eurocasters acquires order for the development and production of 'Private Investments TV'.
A webcasting format in which analysts explore the financial markets for the benefit of their clientele, investors at Van Lanschot Bankiers.

December 2006 ->


A training on DVD-Video for newly recruited personell.
All cases represent problematic situations in real-life.
Learn how to deal with those problems on a professional basis!

Start Production: November 2006
Delivery: January 2007

Hunter Douglas Europe, Wholesale

For the 'Heimtextil' fair in Frankfurt Hunter Douglas asked us to produce a trend presentation.
The four styles Nature, Organized, Decoration and Playful, all breath their respective atmosphere.
Also distributed on DVD-video.

Start production: November 2006
Delivery: January 2007


New Hunter Douglas 'TechStyle' ceilings for the European Market.
We produce a 'remake' of the US installation video.
The production will link at the European look-en-feel and is distributed on DVD-video.

Delivery: January 2007


Brainport Eindhoven Region, 3 productions:

  • Production 'Roadshow' Brainport Eindhoven.
  • Registration and compilation of Dutch prime minister Balkenende' 2-day visit at Eindhoven Region.
  • 'Top economist professor doctor Richard Florida goes for Eindhoven'.
    We registered an inspiring story: 'The Rise of the Creative Class'. More at:

Produced: 2006/2007


Visa Retail Jaarprijs 2006

(Zie hieronder.) Gereed, oktober/november 2006.

Complete audio-visual production and recording of the anniversary edition (10 years) of this prestigious retail event.
In addition to the 8 nomination films we care for live 3-camera direction at Studio21 in Hilversum.
A compilation of the Gala Event highlights will be distributed on DVD-Video.
See also: 2007 edition

Start production: October 2006
Delivery: November 2006


Ministery VROM, Top10 Rijksgebouwendienst

Through an internal survey Rijksgebouwendienst nominated twenty projects.
We produced the Top-10 nominations which are presented simultaneously and country wide at 5 locations during 'Customers Week'.

Start production: June 2006
Delivery: September 2006

Museum Naturalis

The Dutch Delta is presented on three screens across 17 meters!.

Here is one of our specialties when it comes to synchronize multiple screens. On top of this, interactive stories popup at user requests.
Thursday, September 14, Minister Van der Hoeven (OCW) is present to open the Museums new permanent room 'Research in Progress' .

Start production: May 2006
Delivery: September 2006

Visa Retail Jaarprijs 2005

See also: edition 2006 and 2007


Quion Corporate

Financial services at high service level for the banking and insurance world, that is what Quion stands for!
Commissioned by Admix ZZZ Rotterdam.



We documented the spectacular renovation of the Atomium in Brussels for our client Rockwool Benelux.
A unique climbing experience in which dozens of Alpinist builders do their job at 100 meters above streetlevel.

Philips Lighting

Lightshow 360°. Audiovisual scripting and production in 6 languages.
Commissioned by DST experience communicatie.

AutoRai 2005

Again 10 days RaiTV broadcasts distributed at some 30 flatscreens across AutoRAI Event.
Commissioned by Faircom Media
March 2005

Philips Consumer Electronics

Slapstick formula made for Consumer Electronics dealers.
Shop personell is trained in the Philips Consumer Electronics' Service philosophy.
3 languages include subtitles on DVD-Video.

Rockwool Benelux

Corporate Film Benelux.
6 Languages available on DVD-Video